My whole life I have been told I was a leader. I knew it was something God placed inside of me for a special purpose. I went through different seasons of rejecting that for what now seem so silly. I didn’t want the weight of what that held. I didn’t want to give up the life I was living to be in that leadership position. I didn’t think I was qualified. I didn’t have the time. I didn’t want to do the work.

But God laid this on my heart and brought me to Elevation church where he light a fire in my soul like never before. Whenever I meet someone who hasn’t been to Elevation, they, more often than not, say the same thing, “it’s just too big, I don’t like mega churches, or I like to know the congregation when I walk in Sunday mornings.”

My why, to close that gap one person at a time through leading an eGroup. I lead because someone lead me. I lead because I want people to experience that small knit community. I lead because saying yes to Gods calling is always, ALWAYS easier than running from it. I lead because I love people and want them to experience God the real, true, embracing way I have. I lead because when we show up in obedience and bring our seemingly unqualified lives, He meets us where we are, and lives are changed. I lead because Jesus led.

That’s my why.


What is your why? What drives you? What gets your out of bed, into work, and pushes you? Why do you lead, serve, parent, work, live?



Victoria Haidar