"Am I better today than I was this time last year?"

If you're anything like me, you need these weekends too.

Time to unwind. Time to press pause. Time to reboot. Time to just BE. 

Last year my word for the year was BE. So I thought it appropriate to take some time starting this new year with a weekend of just BEing. Im actually still here in the mountains soaking in every last moment of crisp mountian air. 

This weekend my brothers came down to the mountains of North Carolina and our good friend Lizzie came over from Asheville. 

We stayed in the best little mountian nook with a beautiful view. My aunt and uncle own the coziest little place in Banner Elk. 

We went down to the cutest little place in Boone for brunch one day called Melanie's, but besides that, homemade chili was simmering on the stove, we played board games, did yoga on the deck, and, looking back, never even thought twice about matching our cabin slippers with our sweats or sweaters. We did face masks, pushups, and enjoyed the silence. It was lovely. 

The older I get, the more I realize that I need this down time. I rested and then i took a few more days to plan out my year.

Something I have learned about myself is that if I don't make a list, and then assign the items on said list to a deadline, I will never complete them.

I always used to set goals for myself, and something my friend Laci told me recently is that her and her husband ask each other each year "Are we better now than we were this time last year?" I LOVE that! I've decided to adopt this question for myself. Sometimes, I get so lost in the list of things I want to do each year. I get overwhelmed and end up giving up all together. But if we simply ask ourselves this one question...I believe that everything else will fall into place. 

"Am I better off now than I was at this time last year year?" 




Spiritual life?


Healthy wise?

You can insert anything here and it still works! 

So this year, instead of setting specific things that all too often leave me feeling like a failure, I am choosing to hold onto this one question. I will ask myself every morning, "Am I better today than yesterday? "Am I better this week than I was last week?" 

I'm not saying to give up setting goals all together, but goals and resolutions are different to me. You see, I set goals all the time, but I give them an expiration date. And when I don't hit that goal, I can still fall back on my question, "Am I better off today than I was when I set this goal?" 

Maybe I haven't worked out every morning like I had vowed to do earlier this year, but I did work out 2 mornings a week, and that's better than the ZERO I was doing earlier this year. 

It's all in prospective y'all. 




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