Why I made the switch from Nike to adidas.


I recently made the switch from my beloved Nike brand I've worn for over a decade to adidas. And let me tell you, I am never going back! 

Now, WHY?

I remember when my friend Heather told me she worked for adidas. She suggested I check them out because they had "come a long way" from the chap shoe I told her remembered.. I was thinking "yeah I had some back in the day, not my fav any more." Then I learned that they have two separate lines (with two separate logos) and they are LEGITTTTT.

I have found that adidas have better arch support. I have crazy high arches and the one she suggested I try have a mesh shoe that fits like a sock. The sole is actually detached at the arch for more of a snug fit to the arch itself. It's amazing guys, like really!

I also love the style of these. I just think the look chic. Every time I wear any of my adidas out, someone always stops me and asks where to get them. (as you can see in the pictures, they have literally been stolen off my feet. also, my friend Jenna does cooler yoga than me)

adidas has partnered with Wonerlust recently and they have some awesome new yoga goodies as well! 

The quality is much higher than I thought at first, and I will NEVER go back. 

If you're a fun fact person

|| like me ||

You'd love to know that adidas is a German based company started by Adi Dassier. 

In doing extensive research, Adi found that ALL women, no matter the size of the foot or the women, need extra arch support in comparison to men. This is what drove him to design a shoe specifically for women. The first company to ever do this. The OG for sure! 

BONUS: adidas is ALWAYS spelled with a lowercase a,. I thought this was cool! 

But don't take my word for it, check them out yourself! 


These are the adidas Pure Boost X. It looks like they are currently sold out, but I also got these ones (I know, I know. I have a problem) and I love them too! I may have gotten some high tops as well and am obsessed with those too! 

That's all for now!